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The Story Behind The Story

Congratulations to Suraya and her team for winning the Emmy for Light News Story Single.   

Source: Twitter

Thieves made off with a bag containing the ashes of a family matriarch and relatives say they’re desperate to get her back. Suraya interviews the family in Glendale. Suraya Fadel Reporting.

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A jury in Long Beach is deliberating in the case of an alleged beating of an elderly wheelchair-bound man by a Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus driver more than three years ago. The incident, which was captured on video, happened in Lakewood in July 2010. In an exclusive interview with Suraya, the attorney’s for the victim speak about the incident, which includes security video from the MTA bus. Suraya Fadel Reporting.

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A pet lover is being hailed as a puppy savior after she helped rescue four small canines from a homeless man who put the dogs in a sealed Tupperware container. Suraya Fadel Reporting Read more…

A local coach personified the spirit of sport when she experienced overwhelming tragedy and came back to achieve victory. Suraya Fadel reports.

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Sometimes live shots don’t go exactly as planned. An example of that is what happened to Suraya reporting from Big Bear during the 6 pm CBS 2 Los Angeles broadcast. When Snow attacks.

Video courtesy of nandob25