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As Christmas approaches, a community has rallied to bring cheer to a family impacted by recent tragedy. Martha Sanchez, 39, was two weeks away from her 40th birthday when she was fatally shot during a robbery at the store she worked at in September. Now, her home community, rallying around her husband of 20 years and her children, are doing what they can to make this holiday a little easier. Read more…

The Monterey Park City Council has proposed that all businesses and eateries in the city, where 67 percent of the population is of Asian descent, have at least one sign in the “modern Latin alphabet.” The zoning code amendment, which could likely be adopted Aug. 7, seeks to enhance traffic safety and help emergency services. Suraya Fadel reporting.

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Friends, family and community leaders held a candlelight vigil outside Pasadena City Hall Thursday night for a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department employee and youth advocate who was killed in a Christmas Day shooting. Victor McClinton, 49, was fatally shot standing outside of his home in Pasadena Tuesday morning. Suraya Fadel Reporting from the vigil.

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Hey SoCal, Saturday morning great walk and great cause…at Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Purplestride Walk Los Angeles –May 2012