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The Story Behind The Story

The date for the Conclave to elect the new Pope has still not been set. In his daily press conference this morning, (Tuesday) Vatican press chief Fr Lombardi explained it was not possible to fix a date until all voting cardinals have arrived in Rome. He said the cardinals were in “no rush”. KCAL9’s Suraya Fadel reports.


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Yes, the days may seem long and hard right now…but news deadlines and stress are so different in Roma. On my first day of this Vatican assignment it felt more like an Eat, Pray, Love spiritual journey. I am starting to see the light! Buona Sera L-A, Buona Notte Italia!

A woman who claims she was sexually abused by her parish priest as a child traveled to Rome to protest retired Cardinal Roger Mahony’s participation in the papal conclave. KCAL9’s Suraya Fadel reports.

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As all eyes turn to Rome to watch the papal conclave, CBS2 and KCAL9′s Suraya Fadel reports live from Vatican City. Cardinals from around the globe are continuing to gather to begin the process of picking the next pontiff

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